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5 Best Foods To Eat During -- And Straight After -- Winter

At the time this article is published, we’re just about wrapping up the winter months and are approaching spring. That means warmer weather, longer days and more sunshine. 

And it’s that third element of spring we’d like to focus on, because sunshine is something you’ve probably been missing more than you know. 

Sunshine gives you more than a nice tan and a reason to go shopping for bathing suits -- it’s the number one way we get vitamin D -- also known as the “sunshine vitamin” -- which is critical to our health. And in winter, many of us suffer a deficiency. A 2016 study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimated that between 14 and 18 percent of Americans don’t get enough vitamin D in the winter. 

And some experts say we’re in even greater danger: scientists at the University of California - Davis state that current recommended intake levels for vitamin D need to be increased by as much as 500 percent during the winter months in order to support healthy vitamin D levels. 

Synthesis of vitamin D is critical for bone health -- without it, you risk your precious bones becoming brittle and frail. 

That’s why it’s important to supplement the lack of sunshine with vitamin D-rich foods! Below are some foods I highly recommend you add to your diet in order to make sure you keep your bones strong all year long, so that you can continue to walk, run, golf, garden and play with grandkids, pain-free. 

5 Best Foods To Eat During -- And Straight After -- Winter 

Oily Fish

Pescatarians unite! Oily fish are an excellent source of vitamin D. Take salmon, for example: the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Food Composition Database says one 3.5-ounce serving of farmed Atlantic salmon contains 526 IU of vitamin D -- 66% of the daily recommended value! 

Egg Yolks

Do yourself a favor and opt for an egg to get your morning started. Egg yolks have gotten a bad rap in the last few years, particularly with the option for “egg whites only” popping up in restaurants and diners. While most of the protein in an egg is found in the white outer part, the fat, minerals and vitamins -- yes, vitamin D -- are found in the yolk. One egg yolk contains 37 IU of vitamin D, 5% of the daily recommended value. 


Depending on the kind you get, cheese can be very high in vitamin D! Some varieties contain upwards of 30 IU of vitamin D per one-cup serving. Some of the best cheese choices for high values of vitamin D are Fontina, Muenster and Monterey. 


You can walk your shopping cart up and down the produce aisle until the store closes, and you’ll still only find one source of vitamin D there: mushrooms. In fact, it’s one of the few food sources where the precursor to vitamin D occurs naturally. Like cheese, the variety you choose is important, but it appears shiitake mushrooms are at the top of the vitamin D list. 


Love cereal? Well you’ll be happy to hear this: cow’s milk is a good source of the precious “sunshine vitamin.” It’s fortified with vitamin D in many countries (including America) and usually contains about 115-130 IU of vitamin D per cup (about 15-22% of the daily recommended value). 

Want to make sure you’re flooding your body with vitamin D? Tap or click below to learn the little trick I teach my patients who want strong, healthy bones for years to come. 

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