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Little-Known Side Effects of Poor Brain Health

When a brain starts to decline, there are some pretty tell-tale signs that most of us have learned to look for: forgetfulness, trouble focusing, or having difficulty finishing thoughts. These are the better-known symptoms, but what many of us don’t know is that poor brain health can result in more than just the occasional slip of the mind. 

Our brains are the control center for our entire bodies. So if it isn’t running as well as it’s supposed to, it reasons that there will be other areas that suffer. And recent research has determined that to be the case. 

Take a look at 4 of the little-known side effects of poor brain health. 

Constant Fatigue 

If you find yourself in constant need of a nap, or just can’t seem to make it through the day without a strong cup of coffee, it may be due to poor brain health. 

For those with significant cognitive health issues, fatigue is quite common and can be just as difficult to manage as the more ubiquitous symptoms, like poor memory and “brain fog.” 

Uncontrollable Food Cravings 

Constantly snacking on sugary treats or greasy fast food is never a good thing; however, it may not just come down to a simple matter of will power. 

Many people who have poor brain health experience sudden changes in appetite, along with an almost uncontrollable craving. As brain health continues to decline, taste buds diminish, and insulin in the brain can drop. As a result, many people tend to crave high-calorie food they may otherwise be able to resist.  

Poor Quality Sleep

Some cognitive issues have been directly connected with how well a person sleeps. It’s not unusual for a person with poor brain health to have a disrupted sleep-wake cycle. For example, they may experience daytime drowsiness and restlessness at night. 

Unfortunately, the poorer a person’s brain gets, the worse the sleep quality is, too. Some people with significant cognitive issues are forced to switch to a round-the-clock nap schedule, where the person takes short naps every few hours, instead of deep, restorative nighttime sleep. 

Low Sex Drive 

It bears repeating: the brain is responsible for everything we do, including our carnal desires. And if a person is affected with severe brain health issues, it can yield serious consequences for their sex drive. 

Sexual feelings can change unpredictably for a person with poor brain health. And depending on which parts of the person’s brain have been damaged and what medication they’re taking, there’s a whole spectrum of changes in sex drive, including more interest in sex, low to no interest in sex, more or less ability to perform sexually, changes in inhibitions, and more. 

I hope one thing is clear to you: the health of your brain is critical to some of the most integral aspects of what makes life worth living: food, sleep, energy, sex… it’s all connected to brain health. 

My mission is to make sure you’re armed with the best possible “brain food” so that you can continue to live a thriving, vibrant, radiant life… and be able to do all the things you love. 

Which is why when my patients ask, “What can I do to protect my brain as I age?”... I show them this: 

Dr. Sam’s Unique Secret To Protect Brain Health & Live Life On Your Terms



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