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4 Tips To Be More Productive… At Any Age

The first law of thermodynamics (also known as the Law of Conservationof Energy) states that energy can neither be created, nor destroyed; rather, energy can only be transferred or changed from one form to another.

But if you’re of a certain age, and it’s becoming more and more difficult to have enough pep in your step to make it through the day, you maybe wondering…

“How the heck can I get some of that energy transferred to me?”

It’s a fair question. After all, our energy tends to decline when we get older. Both genes and environment can lead to alterations in cells that cause aging muscles to lose mass and strength, therefore becoming less flexible. Andas a result, strenuous activities -- even ones you used to zip through, like tending to the yard -- become more tiring.

Have you felt something similar? Perhaps you need to rest halfway through the household chores, when not long ago, you could knock them out in no time flat. Maybe following passions like golf, fishing, or gardening have become too much of a chore, due to how taxed your body feels throughout the day.

Part of this loss of energy can be attributed to decreases in primary sex hormones -- estrogen for women and testosterone for men. The dip in production of these hormones alters the body's system and responses, including difficulty creating new muscle tissue, decreased muscle mass, changes in fat metabolism. These are just some of the ways a lack of energy can develop overtime, resulting in your days being less productive.

And yet, all is not lost -- far from it! Every time you turn on the TV, you see celebrities and athletes that seem to have a bottomless well of energy.They can not only perform with the vigor of a much younger person, they still look good doing it!

Energy is a lot like money: You don’t realize how much you need it until you don’t have it anymore.

What I want to do is show you simple ways you can be more productive throughout your day, no matter what age you are. Follow these productivity tips and I’ll bet your to-do list will have a lot more check marks on it at the endof the day.

1) Get More Sleep

Sleep is the foundation of your energy. It’s where you recharge your batteries and organize your thoughts. Miss out on sleep, and your energy levels will be in very short supply. Trouble is, most seniors don’t get nearly as much sleep as many people assume. A lot of people have an image of anyone over theage of 60 closing the shades at 5:00 PM and hitting the hay for a long slumber.

The truth is, seniors generally don’t need any more sleep than they did when they were 20, but many of them tend to stay up late, especially if they’ve been accustomed to do so their entire lives.

More and more evidence has emerged that supports the idea of sleep being essential for productivity. In one study, 4,188 workers in the United States found “significantly worse productivity, performance, and safety outcomes”among those who slept less, and an estimated $1,967 loss in productivity perworker due to poor sleep.

If you have trouble knocking off at night, here are a few tips thatcould help you get more z’s and boost your productivity:  

  • Go to sleep at the same time each night, and get up at the same time each morning -- even on weekends.  
  • Don’t nap after 3:00 PM, and don’t nap for longer than 20 minutes.
  • Stay away from caffeine and alcohol late in the day.

2) Eat Smaller & More Frequently

When people talk about nutrition with regards to productivity, a lot of focus is put on what we eat. That’s not necessarily a bad thing; afterall, the American diet is full of processed foods, high-sugar sweets and deep-fried everything, so addressing that is a good idea. But almost asimportant as what to eat, is when.

The American diet has always focused around three main meals: breakfast, lunch and diner. But that’s not the case in other places -- indeed, other cultures have very different meal schedules that look almost nothing like ours. And that could be why we’re now only the 5th most productive country in the world.

If you want to boost your energy levels and be more consistently productive, consider learning to “graze.” (Don’t worry, you won’t be eating any grass with this strategy.) You see, the brain needs very specific portions of food. Too much will give you a spike that diminishes quickly, while too little won’t give you the nutrients you need to even get going. Instead of packing it all in at 3 different times of the day, space your meals out to 5-6 smaller portions.

If done correctly, this can help satiate you all day, so that you’re not feeling those hunger pangs prior to your next big meal. This constant infusion of calories could prove to be the key to getting more done in your day.

3) Exercise Regularly

It doesn’t matter how old you are, or what your fitness level is…exercise is essential for almost everyone. That means it’s up to you to prioritize staying active, even as you get older. And the benefits of regular exercise don’t just appear on your waistline -- you’ll actually increase your productivity, too.

An exercise routine can give you more energy to get through your day. Some people believe that energy is something we carry in finite amounts, and exercise saps our energy stores unnecessarily. This is absolutely untrue. Physical exercise stimulates the production of mitochondria, often referred toas the cell’s “power plant.” Mitochondria produce the chemical that your body uses for energy, known as ATP, and physical exercise stimulates the developmentof new mitochondria within your cells. As a result, you have more energy to exert yourself physically as well as mentally.

Exercise doesn’t have to be some dreadful chore, either. Many people imagine themselves in a sweaty, crowded gym or fitness center, vying for theirturn to use a machine. It doesn’t have to be like that! Experts recommend seniors get 2.5 hours of moderate cardiovascular exercise per week, while dedicating at least two days a week to muscle building activities.

Examples of moderate cardiovascular activities include hiking, swimming,walking your dog or even gardening in your yard. Muscle building activities could include resistance training with light weights or bands.

4) Stimulate New, Active Stem Cells In Your Body

When you think of the term “stem cells,” you probably think of controversial medical practices which you may feel strongly about. However, stem cells are inside you right now, by the trillions.

Stem cells are simply new cells that your body makes naturally that haven’t been assigned a function yet. They maintain their “multipotency” and are able to differentiate into many different cell types. When you’re able to harness this, you can stimulate the production of young, active stem cells throughout your entire body.

The result? More energy throughout the day. More of that “pep in your step” that you thought was long lost. More productivity, so you feel like yourold self again.

And the best part is, with just a few simple tweaks, you can effectively strengthen these cells to work at optimal levels. It’s all a matter ofutilizing a very specific blend of nutrients. A blend of nutrients that hastaken me years to get just right. And now, I have.

I’ve created a one-of-a-kind blend of the world’s best cell-boosting nutrients. These are the best ingredients in the world for anyone that wants more energy, more youthful zest, and more productivity. These ingredients are extremely difficult to source and took many, many attempts to get just right.

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