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6 Weird Facts About Your Body’s Cells

When you hear the phrase, “Show them what you’re made of!” you probably think about exhibiting traits like courage, perseverance, or some other abstract attribute. And it’s a nice thought. Imagine if our entire genetic makeup consisted of things like “hard work” and “dedication.” That would look pretty interesting underneath a microscope. 

Literally speaking, of course, these are not the things that make you, you. In fact, you’re made of cells. Lots and lots and lots of cells. And yet, there’s so much that we don’t know about these tiny biological units of life. 

Here are 6 weird facts about the cells in your body that you probably didn’t know. 

Fact #1: Your body has 37 trillion cells 

This is a number that is almost beyond comprehension. 37 trillion is what you get when you multiply 3.7 billion by ten thousand. If you were to count to it, it’d take somewhere around 95 thousand years. 

That’s what you’re made of. An unfathomable amount of cells. 

Fact #2: There are about 200 different types of cells 

Blood cells. Hair cells. Brain cells. Fingernail cells. Skin cells. Fat cells. The list goes on and on! Though they serve different functions, most of them have chemical and structural features in common. 

All cells have certain parts in common. These parts include a plasma membrane, cytoplasm, ribosomes, and DNA. 

Fact #3: You’re actually more bacteria than human

Don’t take it personally; it literally happens to all of us. But it is the truth: on sheer count of cells, there is more bacterial life inside you than human. 

No need to worry, and certainly no need to grab the antibacterial spray -- most of the bacteria you’re housing rent-free aren’t harmful. In fact, some of it is very beneficial. 

Fact #4: You started as just one cell 

Talk about self-made! You were just a single-celled organism in the beginning; now, you’re up to 37 trillion! If only we could do that with money… 

The cell you began as was somewhere around .2mm across and was formed inside your mother.

Fact #5: You make 4 billion new cells every day

Remember that next time someone complains you haven’t done anything all day. You made 4 billion new cells; that’s not nothing. 

You’re making new cells because your old ones aren’t useful anymore. Like all living things, they get old. They lose potency. They die. And your body is smart enough to regenerate these cells without even asking you! 

Fact #6: Your body’s stem cells can rejuvenate your body

Think of your body as a factory. Today it was ordered, as you know, to make 4 billion new cells. Cells to replace old hair, blood, skin, and bone cells. Every day, your body is trained to repair itself by replacing old cells with new ones. Yet here’s the kicker: if your body’s blueprints say to make a wrinkled skin cell, it’s going to do it. It’s just following orders. 

What if you could change that blueprint? What if you could halt the production of tired, dysfunctional cells and instead start producing young, healthy, active cells? 

You can. You can use your own body’s natural production of stem cells to create younger, stronger, more vibrant cells throughout your body. And armed with these cells, you can look and feel better than you have in years. 

Most stem cell treatments at a clinic are controversial and extremely expensive. That’s why I’ve developed a natural alternative you can do right now, in your own home, to revitalize your body and practically reverse aging.

No needles, no enormous price tag, no junk science. Just a simple solution from a health & longevity expert.  

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